Friday, June 12, 2009

Questions in Silicon Valley?

Following links through Instapundit this morning I found an essay by
Michael S. Malone. It describes how Silicon Valley was an early, effective and cash-rich supporter of Barack Obama's presidential campaign.

Malone's essay shows what can happen when the relationship between business and government gets too cozy. Around Chicago and in the State of Illinois it's called "friends helping friends".

It's also called "paying for protection".

Go ahead and take a few minutes to read the article.

It isn't until about halfway down into the article that we learn what Silicon Valley Execs wanted in return for all this cash and support: Help from Washington in keeping a thumb on pesky competitors and start ups. They want some hassle for those young guys working out of their garages. Concerned, as I am, about the Chicagoification of national politics, that's the part that caught my attention.

Amazing things have come out of garages or basements -- the backrooms of bicycle shops, too. As it happens, just last week I made reference to the Wright Brothers.