Friday, September 18, 2009

Congress Goes from 0-60 in One Day

On Wednesday, September 16th, House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, D. San Francisco, claimed to know nothing of the ACORN/prostitution/housing scandal as well as efforts by opponents in the Senate to de-fund the organization. “I don’t even know what they passed. What did they do?” she said.

On Thursday, 24 hours later, her House of Representatives voted, 345-75 to totally de-fund ACORN. Granted, this was not a stand-alone bill, but an amendment to another bill.

Still, that’s quite a rate of acceleration. Considering the snail’s pace at which government usually works and the fact that they’ve given ACORN $7 Billion Dollars in public stimulus money this year alone it's enough to give them whiplash.

They cut them off like that -snap- with no public hearings, no special prosecutor, no witnesses, no sworn testimony, no windy speeches from the floor; what happened?

Simple. Congress, the Senate, and the White House – click HERE for an interesting tid-bit – have known about ACORN all along.

Leaders know full well the calibre of people they’ve been dealing with in ACORN. The media knows, too. They had a cozy relationship. One hand was washing the other. As long as Congress could suppress those pesky calls for an ACORN investigation everything was fine. But then the O’Keefe – Giles tapes were shown on Glen Beck’s middle-of-the-afternoon FOX News show and the lid blew off.

But, there is one fact that Congressional leaders truly don’t know: what else is out there on other tapes? Holding public hearings would be like shoveling manure into a fan. The smell of corruption in Washington is thick enough already.

The vote to de-fund ACORN is an attempt to make the issue go away, so that Congress can get back to passing government health care reform and calling Tea Partiers “Nazis”.


Anonymous said...

YEAH ! ! ! YOU have moved to the 21st century ! ! ! ... and I knew you when you were just folks down da road...

Filtered by Time said...

The most telling remark by the young journalist, when asked what surprised him most, was, "I was surprised that media immediately began attacking me rather than the event I reported on."
-rw faulkender